Срочно!!! Соченение на англ яз ! По теме кем я хочу стать!


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When I started to do a photo with the phone, I realized that I like it very much. I took pictures of people, animals, nature, and even food! It was then that I took a very important decision, in the future I WANT to BECOME a PHOTOGRAPHER!

I liked this fascinating profession, because photographers can see all the beauty of our world through the lens of his camera. I believe, that the photographer can to give vent to my emotions right on the picture. I think he puts in a photo of your heart, soul and love. I like it when фототворец makes a family photo. He gives people a pleasant memories! I admire that these people have developed great imagination, as well as love for the environment!

A real professional should be a lot of useful devices to work. For example, a tripod is used to secure the camera to the Studio shooting. Decorations and lights are also used for recording in the Studio. Each photographer has a set of different lenses for each type of shooting. It's a whole different set of objects, which causes admiration.

The art of the artist is manifested in different genres: macro - and микросъемка, portrait and self portrait, landscape, advertising fashion and others.

Macro is a reception of the image of object in scale, when small subjects photographed through the increase. I want to make a lot of photos of butterflies in macro mode and create your calendar with the butterflies.

Fashion shooting - photos of models, show business stars, famous people. These photos can be used for an exhibition or in well-known magazines.

If you try, then I can become a very popular man. Only the very best artists are invited to the well-known magazines. They are the builders of form the basis of magazines and Newspapers. People like to see good pictures. It is photos, in many respects, attract readers.

I believe that these heroes of art like a job, and they are proud of her.

To be a worthy candidate for this profession one should know the laws of physics and mathematics, have aesthetic taste and sense of beauty. We also need to have excellent computer knowledge.

I like to make photos, capturing moments of human life and the life of the pet. I use the programs for the processing of their photos.

Someday I will be a well-known photographer and organize my photo exhibition.

I will attract the attention of people to the beauty of the environment. This will help people understand that the Earth is our common home, and the need to protect it.

With the help of the photos I can to help the people in the choice of the place of rest, after all the beautiful pictures of sights attract people.

I really want to become a photographer!