Выберите одну из тем и напишите сочинение на 10-12 предложений:

1. The Earth is our one and only home.

2. Our planet should be a healthful place for all living beings.

3. Your contribution to the cause of protecting the environment.

Не пишите в гугл-транслейт, низкокачественные соч. отправляются в урну.

Нужно на завтра, побыстрее пожалуйста.


Ответы и объяснения


1. The earth is our one and only home. All the people should save the enviroment, because it is the only planet for now we can live on. Many people litter, smoke and do  all different kinds of toxicating the oxygen. People should at least not litter. I think there should be  placed more garbage bins, because from my personal experience, sometimes when I want to throw my garbage out: I dont know where.Also I think there should be more healthier things built, like parks, playgrounds.Because most of all there is toxication coming from factories, cars and othe technologies, and it damages all the trees and most importantly people. If we want to save the Earth and enjoy a clear oxygen we should not litter ourselves. Weare the reason the Earth is so damged, if we dont act now, something terrifying will happen. Even scientists say that because people  use so much technologies we "hurt" the Earth. Not that we should stop, but at least do it less, or either find a way to make it healthier.