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1. Henry was a major in the US Army.

2. he was a very good officer and could shoot very well.

3. Henry decided to go to Great Britain for a holiday.

4. It was a long journey and when  he came to London he didn't feel well.

5. He asked the clerk in the hotel to give him a name of a good doctor.

6. The clerk adviced Henry to go to  doctor Martin because he had been educated in Oxford and all his patient liked him for his wisdom.

7. His patients  payed him 15 pounds for a first visit and 10 for a second.

8. Henry told the doctor that he had been there before, because he didn't want to pay 15 pounds.

9. The doctor said Henry to continue to take the medecine he had given him last time.

10. No, I don't think that doctor's advice would help Henry to feel better.