ОТ ЭТОГО ЗАВИСИТ ОЦЕНКА В АТТЕСТАТ! Ребят,помогите!))) Задание во вложении


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√      I Present Perfect Continuous - Раскройте скобки.


1. Kate is in her room, she has been playing the piano since the afternoon. 2. For 2 hours now they have been chatting about this problem and they haven’t come to any decision yet. 3. Tom, do you see where my bag is? He has been looking for book for an hour and he can’t find it. 4. His mother has been singing with this blond woman since she came into the kitchen.. 5. Ann has been teaching at school for twenty years.


√      II В этом упражнении надо прочитать ситуации и написать два предложения, одно с Present Perfect и одно с Preset Perfect Continuous.


1. Linda is from Australia. Now she is traveling round Europe. She began her tour three months ago.

                a) She has been traveling around Europe for three months.

                b) She has visited six countries so far.

2. Jimmy is a tennis champion. He began playing tennis when he was 11 years old. Now he has just won the national championship for the fourth time.

                a) He has been playing tennis since he was 11.

                b) He has won the national championship four times.

3. Bill and Andy make films. They start making films together when they left college.

                a) They have been making films since they left college.

                b) They have made ten films since they left college.


√      III В этом упражнении нужно поставить глагол в правильную форму.


Look! Somebody has broken that window. I have been reading the book you gave me but I have not finished it yet. 'Sorry I'm late.' 'That's all right. I have not been waiting long. Hello! I have been cleaning the windows. So far I have cleaned five of them and there are two more to do. There is a strange smell here have you been cooking something? My brother is an actor. He has appeared in several films.



√      IV Напиши вопросы с ‘How long к данным ситуациям, используя по смыслу или Present Perfect или Present Perfect Continuous.


My sister is married. How long has she married? Boris is on holiday. How long has he been on holiday? I live in Glasgow. How long have you lived in Glasgow? It is snowing. How long has it been snowing? Jack smokes. How long has he smoked? I know about her problem. How long have you known about her problem? Jack and Jill are looking for a flat. How long have they been looking for a flat? Diana teaches English in Germany. How long has she taught English in Germany? Dennis is in love with Margaret. How long has he been in love with Margaret? Colin has a car. How long has he had a car?



V Present Perfect or Present Perfect Continuous?


The war has been raging for 9 months now. Have you written down his e-mail address? How long have you been working for this company? I have queued for half an hour so far. Have you been to the supermarket? I have not been buying a new dress since Christmas. I have not heard from him for ages. We have not been having such a snowy winter since my daughter was born. A lot of things have changed since you left. It has been snowing since yesterday morning. I have been trying to catch a taxi for an hour now. Have you passed your driving test yet? Have you booked the plane tickets? Has his plane landed yet? We have stayed at this hotel several times.