напишите сочинение (какое время года вы любите и почему)на англиском=)не меньше 3 предложений


Ответы и объяснения


All seasons are great, but i love spring! Spring is a very beautiful season.This is the time when nature wakes up.It's sunny and happy season.There are flowers,birds and warm weather.Also you needn't to put on many clothes. I love spring very much!




All seasons are great but my favorite season is summer. In summer you can enjoy the sun and warm weather, go on long trips and hikes. Especially beautiful summer nature - noisy green leaves forest berries ripen and flourish the most amazing flowers. Nice to go into the gloom of the forest and hide from the heat of the day. And if you look closely, the reward for a forest walk will brown mushrooms are strong and proud aspen.


And in the summer come alive rivers and lakes. The water is warm, and if it becomes to sit quietly on the beach, you can see how over his head fearless flying dragonflies and water scurry brisk fry. On the lake quiet - so nice to look at the water and enjoy the sunlight on her. And then together with friends for a long time to swim and dive off the pier.


Summer - the best time to travel. In our country there are many beautiful places that really want to see. Mysterious caves, waterfalls, high mountains and passes ... Anywhere you want to go. In the summer months, we always go with my family in a small trip - for the city.

I love summer and always look forward to it. After all, summer blooming all around and breathe life.