Сочинение по английскому Как музыка помогает жить??? Срочно ребят выручайте!!!


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That music can often be used as a perfect tonic, energizing, means long for anyone not a big secret. Also recently opened method is carried out with the help of music healing and increase mental abilities. Scientist Alfred Tomatis had a lot of measurements and studies, during which he tried to figure out what frequencies are consuming energy in man, and which, on the contrary, it added. And the results he obtained simply amazing in their course revealed that the human ear is not just for the hearing function, but also to fill the energy and the body and mind. Alfred Tomatis himself after he was able to look behind the glass doors of the mystery, can now sleep only four hours a day.

Experiments during their research Alfred Tomatis conducted with different music, including classical works by Bach and Mozart. He found out that it is often beset us from stress fatigue and weakness are connected with the fact that the gray cells of the brain does not have enough power. They are, according to Tomatis, are generating electricity in the human brain the likeness of small batteries.

But the power of these cells are not in the process of metabolism, as scientists believe before they can be recharged from an external source, such as the use of sound, especially if he has a high frequency. In the bone, spirally twisted, the inner ear canal, is the organ of Corti, which converts sound into energy. Part of this energy is transmitted to the brain, and the other part - to the muscles. But it should be noted that people perceive music is individually, and some of the sounds that provide energy, eventually the person ceases to hear, so we feel worse with age.