помгите написать сочинение 5-7 предложений про музей шерлока холмса на английском плиз


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Il the 1880s a young doctor sat waiting for new patients who never came. To pass the time, he wrote stories about a man who was very good at solving crimes. These stories were so popular that the doctor decided to give up medicine and become a writer instead. The doctor was Arthur Conan Doyle and his' creation was Sherlock Holmes.

Holmess and his famous friend Doctor Watson shared rooms at 221b Baker Street.

Their landlady was the long-suffering Mrs. Hudson. She had to put up with strange visitors, revolver practice indoors, chemical experiments and late-time violin playing.

In 1990, a museum was at last opened at 221b Baker Street, though it should have happened long ago. After all, 221b Baker Street is the worlds most famous address and people have been writing to it for more than 100 years.

In The Sherlock Holmes' Museum you step back a hundred years in time. It is unique. There is no modern virtual reality, but it is all virtually real. There are no horrors, no mummies or hidden corpses, no wax figures... Even so, the atmosphere of this quiet house is electric. You have a feeling as if the great detective had just left the room for a moment with Dr. Watson, and Mrs. Hudson is somewhere in the backrooms, and you'll see her entering the room with a tray of tea cups.

Everything in the museum reminds us of the stories we know so well. It is filled with things which Holmes and Watson would have had — Holmes' violin, his deerstalker and pipe, the Persian slipper in which he kept his tobacco, unanswered letters pinned to the wall with a knife, his magnifying glass... Dr. Watson's diary contains hand-written notes and extracts from "The Hound of the.Baskerviles