Напишите пожалуйста рассказ о хобби (чтение книг).Очень прошу !!!


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The book is also a kind of cure, cure of certain diseases. After all, a good book develops our intelligence, enriches us with the latest knowledge and skills. "Smart" book, according to the book lovers can replace a conversation with a wise man. Pages of the books are stored in a multitude of secrets that require comprehension of the resolution. Reading keeps the brain in shape. People who devote much of their reading life, rarely get sick in old age sclerosis.

Reading books - it is indeed a pleasure and a complete rest, a hobby of people really happy, with a rich inner world. At the same time, the books are extremely useful. It is said that a good book - a real gift of fate, order followed correctly. Read with pleasure and nazdorove!