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If I were the President, I would like to change a lot of things in

my country. I would like to do people's life better. I would like to get homes for the people who

don't have homes or give money to people to buy homes. I would build plants and factories to

give people work. I would help to create more jobs and help to improve our economy I would

build a lot of hospitals in my country. Health care service would be free in my country. I would

strengthen our educational system. I would build new schools, new gyms, and cinemas in my

country. I would like to make my country very beautiful. Every person must be happy in my

country. He must have a well paid job, his home, family, and children. He must be healthy and

educated. So If I were the president I would like to do everything to make all people happy in my

country. I know it is difficult but I would do my best.