43.2 Write these sentences in another way, beginning in the way shown. 1. They didn't give me the money. I _wasn't given the money._ 2. They asked me some difficult questions at the interview. I --- 3. Janet's colleagues gave her a present when she retired. Janet --- 4. Nobody told me that George was ill. I wasn't --- 5. How much will they pay you? How much will you --- 6. I think they should have offered Tom the job. I think Tom --- 7. Has anybody shown you what to do? Have you --- 43.4 Complete the sentences using get/got + one of these verbs (in the correct form): ask break damage hurt pay steal sting stop use 1. There was a fight at the party but nobody got hurt. 2. Ted --- by a bee while he was sitting in the garden. 3. How did that window ---? 4. These tennis courts don't --- very often, Not many people want to play. 5. I used to have a bicycle but it ---. 6. Last night I --- by the police as I was driving home. 7. How much did you --- last month? 8. Please pack these things very carefully. I don't want them to ---. 9. People often want to know what my Job is. I often --- that question.


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I wasn’t given money by them I was asked some difficult questions at the interview Janet was given a present by her colleagues when she retired I wasn’t told that George was ill How much will you be paid? I think Tom should have been offered Have you been shown what to do?

43.4 - не написаны глаголы, которые надо использовать с get/got