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Эти три предложения надо составить в 3 conditional.
1. If Daniel.... (not help) me, I... (be) in bad trouble.
2. If I ...(know) you were coming, I... (invite) some.
3. Antony... (go) to university if his father... (not be) ill.

Fill in the correct tense:
1.If I hadn''t lied to my boss, he ... (not\fire) me
2.If he... (have) his car, he would give us a lift to the station.
3.If she were qualified, she...(find) a good job.
4.If you keep coming to work late, you ... (lose) your job.
5.If he had left on time, he... (not\be) late for meeting.
6.If you stopped smoking, you... (be) in better health.


Ответы и объяснения


1. had not helped me, I would have been in bad...
2.I had known you...,i would have invited......
3.would have gone...,had not been

1.wouldn't has fired
3.would found
4.will lose
6.would be 

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Эти три предложения надо составить в 3 conditional.


1. If Daniel hadn't helped me, I would have been in bad trouble.

2. If I had known you were coming, I would have invited some.

3. Antony had gone to university if his father wouldn't have been ill.


Fill in the correct tense:

1. If I hadn't lied to my boss, he wouldn't have fired me.
2. If he had his car, he would give us a lift to the station.
3. If she were qualified, she would find a good job.
4. If you keep coming to work late, you will lose your job.
5. If he had left on time, he wouldn't have been late for meeting.
6. If you stopped smoking, you would be in better health.