помогите сделать задание) Ответы можно написать например так(1-а, 2-b) Choose the correct variant.

1)He decided to go to the office immediately when he remembered he __________ the door. a) didn’t lock b) had not locked c)have not locked

2) He has tested four new machines since he __________ the company. a) joined b) had joined c) has joined

3) When he installed the new equipment, it __________ already obsolete. a) became b) had become c) has become

4)While we were seeking a new solution, they __________ everything to change our plans. a) had done b) were doing c) did

5)When she took her driving test, she __________ about 10 driving lessons. a) had had b) had c) was having

6)The hotel manager called the police when he discovered that a guest __________ without paying a fill. a) left b) had left c) leaves

7)He __________ in the laboratory when you rang. a) worked b) was working c) had worked

8)Phil __________ to someone on the phone as we walked in. a) talked b) was talking c) had talked

9)I __________ the report since early morning when suddenly he came. a) was reading b) had been reading c) read

10)We __________ the main office before we moved into it. a) were reconstructing b) reconstructed c) had reconstructed

11)She always __________ formal clothes to work. a) was wearing b) were c) had been wearing

12)He __________ for 10 years at his telephone business, before he decided it was time for a change. a) worked b) was working c) had been working

13)He developed his business plan later than we __________ . a) expected b) had expected c) have expected

14)Last year they __________ their business into two. a) divide b) divided c) have divided

15)He __________ a very rich man when he was just 25. a) became b) has become c) was becoming


Ответы и объяснения

1. Hadn't locked 2. Had joined 3. Had already become 4. We're doing 5. Had had 6. Had left 7. Was working 8. Was talking 9. Had been reading 10. Had reconstructed 11. Were 12. Had been working 13. Had expected 14. Divided 15. Became