Помогите пожалуйста написать сочинение на английском на тему "What Makes People Happy?"с аргументами за и против: Does a lot of money make us happy?/What is real happiness for me?/ Am I a materialistic person?/ Money rotates the Earth. Do you agree?/ Would you like to be a millionaire? why or why not?


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I know that there are people who have a lot of money. They think they can buy everything. Indeed, they have a beautiful apartment or even at home, they go to fancy cars, expensive clothes on them, a lot of jewelry. It would seem, live and be happy. But my parents say that such people are not happier than those with modest means.

Happiness can not buy. And what is to be happy? Be happy - to have a strong united family, favorite job, loyal friends, and of course, health.

I understand that money is of great importance in human life, but at the same time as you buy for the money outright favor the people that surround you? You can buy expensive paint, equipment, luxurious art studio, but will create a masterpiece on canvas, if you have no talent? A talent can not buy. No amount of money will not make you a poet, musician ...

Money does not make people honest. Money can not buy love, dawn, or the charm of the early freshness of the first snow. Money can not buy a child's smile and not acquire a good heart, if your indifference and callous. And there are no stores where you wasted life, selling immortality.

A person can leave on the earth a good memory of himself worthy of his deeds, good relations with people.