Составьте предложения, согласно правильному порядку слов:

A, bought, she, blue, yesterday, dress.

Did, when, come, you, see, to, us?

Spent, their, at, they, vocation, lake, the.

Always, ask, he, this, me, question.

I, did, talk, yesterday, not, Jim, to.

Black, has, three, Professor, lectures, day, every.

A, Chicago, in, city, the, is, big, USA.

Waiting, a, she, bus, for, is.

You, the, like, did, film?

It, who, about, tell, him, will?


Ответы и объяснения


she bought a blue dress yesterday. when did you come to see us? They spent their vocation in the lake. he always ask me this question. i did not talk to jim yesterday. Professor Black has three lectures everyday. Chicago is a big city in the USA. She is waiting for a bus. Did you like the film? Who will tell him about it?