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So, Kaku believes that by 2030 the world will see a new type of contact lenses - they will be able to access the Internet. On a prototype of such a device is already working Professor Babak Parviz of the University of Washington.
In the free market should appear as various "parts" for the human body. Today's newest biotechnology allow scientists without any problems "grow" in the lab new cartilage, noses, ears, blood vessels, heart valves, bladders, etc. Plastic based on bovine spongiform seeded with stem cells the patient's DNA. When these cells dobavlyaetya catalyst, they start to rapidly grow and multiply. Since living tissues appear first, and then the whole organs.
They say that after 20 years, the society possess the abilities of telepathy. Today, scientists have already implanted in the brain paralyzed special chips with which they can only by the power of computers to manage, write emails, play video games and use the web browser. Engineers from the Japanese company Honda has learned to create robots that are controlled by patients with a thought.
By 2070, scientists plan to return to the life of many of the fauna. On DNA samples taken 25 years after the death of the animal, the scientists were able to clone it in Brazil. Neanderthal genome has been decoded. And the scientific community is serious talk of a possible revival of this kind of person. Why are researchers, however, is unclear, but the curiosity is truly immeasurable.
But no doubt scientists will develop, so it is technology that will slow down in the future, our aging. Appropriate experiments already performed on insects and some animals. It turns out that 30% of e-life extension is very simple: just a 30% reduction in calorie intake average American or European. In the future it will be possible to extend the life of hundreds of technical methods.
But the most interesting thing is that by 2100 the world will see technology "programmable matter". Everyone remembers the "Terminator 2" and the killer robot T-1000. That something about it and talking about: the world will see the materials, the form of which will be able to program computers. Already created microchips the size of a pinhead, which easily can regroup on the influence of electric discharges. These can take the form of a sheet of paper, the cup, the saucer.
Scientists also believe that a lot of progress made, and space technology. Within a hundred years we will be able to fly in spaceships to the stars, they say. All starts with microcomputers "the size of a fingernail," which can send out millions throughout the cosmos. They will travel through space at a speed close to the speed of light. Will search for extraterrestrial intelligence and pass messages from humans, explore space. Then, to begin colonizing worlds star people.
About a hundred years, humanity finally shall fight cancer. It is known that to prevent illness, and it can only be destroyed in the early stages. In the future, we will build toilets DNA chips that can detect cancer at a very early stage. Then, in the organisms will run "cleaner" - special nano-machines that will clean the body from cancer.