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1. The information he gave us ____ convincing. I don't think we should check ___. a) is, it c) are, them b) is, them d) are, it 2. I'll be away for ___ days from tomorrow. a) little b) few c) any d) a few 3. We don't heed ___ eggs to cook this meal. a) many c) little b) much d) a little 4. It is so noisy that ___ can hear ___ . a) none, anything c) somebody, nothing b) nobody, something d) no one, anything' 5. February is ___ and ___ month of the year here. a) the most snowy, the coldest c) the snowiest, the coldest b) the snowier, the colder d) the most snowiest, the most cold 6. I think dogs are ___ than cats. a) intelligent c) more intelligent b) the most intelligent d) much intelligent 7. I don't like the way you study. I think you ___ work harder! a) might c) should to b) are to d) can 8. He is in the garden. He ___ be reading a newspaper in the summerhouse, a) may c) need b) should d) has to 9. You can always trust me, ___ ? a) can't you c) can you b) don't you d) aren't you 10. Those are your gloves, ___ ? a) are they b) are those c) aren't they d) aren't there 11. It was three o'clock. We ___ to hurry up because we. a) were told, were waited b) told, waited c) were told, were being waited d) told, were waited


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1.  is, it

2. few

3. many

4. no one, anything,

5.the snowiest, the coldiest

6. more intelligent

7. can

8. should

9 can't you

10. aren't they

11. were told, were being waited