Составьте предложения.

Trafalgar, I, never, to, been, Square, have.

Letter, has, Mike, already, that, read.

Has, he, not, aunt, visited, his.

Invited, we, just, have, friends, our.

Have, work, finished, children, already, their.

Mother, visited, her, I, already, have.

She, Zoological, joined, has, society, just, that.

Drawn, recently, picture, they, have, this.


Ответы и объяснения

1) I have never been to Trafalgar Square
2)Mike has already read that letter
3)He has not visited his aunt
4)We have just invited our friends
5)Children have finished already their work
6) I have visited already her mother
7) She has just joined that zoological society
8) they have recently drawn this picture