Помогите, прошу!!! 36. – Выразите вопросительные предложения косвенной речью. 1. My friend asked me: "Which book did you take?" 2. Father said to Kate: "What are you doing now?" 3. Tom said: "Have you met Pat before?" 4. Judy asked Nike: "Did you invite your friends?" 5. My aunt asked me: "Have you already finished your exams?" 6. The teacher asked his pupils: "Do you like the story?" 7. The passenger said: "What time does the plane arrive?" 8. Grandmother said to Jack: "Will you send a telegram tomorrow?" 9. She asked her guest: "Do you prefer coffee to tea?" 10. Mother asked her children: "Who has broken the cup?" 11. The child asked his father: "What is this toy made of?" 12. The doctor said to his patient: "How are you feeling now?" 13. Sam asked Jane: "Haven't I seen you somewhere before?" 14. He asked his friend: "Can I get you something to drink?" 15. John asked Chris: "When are you leaving?"


Ответы и объяснения


My friend asked me which book have i taken

father said to kate what she had been doing now

tom said if i had met pat before

judy asked nike if he invited his friends

my aunt asked me if i had already finished my exams

the teacher asked his pupils if they liked the story

the passenger said what time did the plane arrive

grandmother said to jack if he wouls send a telegram tomorow

she asked her guest if he prefered cofee or tea

mother asked the children who had broked a cup

the child asked his father what was this toy made of

the doctor said to his patiet how did he felt now

sam asked jane if he saw her somewhere before

he asked his friend if he could get him some drink

john asked chris when he was leaving