Помогите плиззз сочинение про мост в Санкт Петербурге на английском языке.Очень срочно!! Не меньше 10 предложений)))Зарание спасибо)))


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Anichkov bridge crosses the Fontanka River just outside the Anichkov Palace on Nevsky Prospekt. The bridge - 54.6 meters, width - 37 meters. His final version of the stone was erected in 1841, and the first, a wooden bridge was built back in 1715 under the leadership of the military engineer M.Anichkova, the name of which is to this day. Anichkov Bridge decorated with the famous sculpture of the "Tamers horses" (author P.Klodt, installed in 1850), which embodies the four stages of taming a horse. Everyone knows the history of sculpture during the siege of Leningrad: to protect works of art from the bombing, people have removed them from their pedestals and buried in the garden of the Palace of Pioneers. After the end of the blockade of the riders with their horses were solemnly returned to their rightful places.