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   For russian people it is better go to the shop and see real size colour and possible of things. but sometimes there is no way to buy something in the shop then E-shop becomes a only for trade. i think old people will buy things in the shops young man will buy in internet because its  a good chance for show individual.

    I do not see the ways to stop using internet for help and cheat in the learn because helping and cheating was the first purposes in tje beginning of WEB. but it possible if all schoolwork will be do in the classroom with a teacher.

    I think that it is possible in Russia because internet with social web sites can replace real life and real world to artificial there is many teenager in Russia which start to coming by that life. that lifestyle does not hurt the soul of  weak persons they feel very comfortable in this little world.

    We cant stop progress. people would use internet more and more.

 i think this is evolution of mind...

    Download music from internet?- you pirate!... dont bullshit if singers need a money their producers must think about new ways of trading. if music is free why to pay for it. you must understand that world is changing .there is no CD with the music. no boombox. this is in the past.Need money for your music - think how to do it but use somethink new.

    I know that for starting some business in internet you must have a money. there is no different between trading in internet or in the shop. if you want somethink - go to work.

    No way. i think they are all mentally ill.