Мне очень нужна помощь с английским. Я буду очень рада!)))
мое задание во вложениях))


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1. When was the Tower of london built?

2. What is the british museum famous for?

3. Where are the Houses of London situated?

4. The Bolshoi Theatre is one of the most famous thetres of the world, isn`t it?

5. Big Ben is a popular symbol of London and the UK.

6. Toutists fron different countries like to take photos in the Red Square.

7. There are lots of places to visit in London: Westminster Abbey, the tower bridge, ? London Eye (скорее вссего надо), the Buckingham Palace.

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1) the Tower of London
2) the British museum
3) Houses of Parliament
4) the bolshoi theatre
5)big Ben , London, the uk
6)red square
7) London, Westminster abbey, с tower bridge не уверен, the London eye, the buckingham palace