напишите пожалуйста рассказа про книгу Ромео и Джульетта на английском языке 10-15 предложений)


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Сама писала!

"Romeo and Juliet" is a play about young love. There is no other work so well captured impetuous, idealistic passion of young hearts. The hero and heroine - not great except by an overwhelming force of their mutual love. Readers who have been in love, may be found in the play of an idealized view of their feelings, and those who are not familiar with love, will want her appearance. The general expectation of the perfect romantic love, physical desire union with selfless devotion, finds full expression in the play, and in the words of Georg Brandes, "creates a great love tragedy of the world."
Appeal to everyone's expectation in human nature is the true secret of success play that witnessed popular balcony scene in the second act, which is not a culmination of the dramatic moment the play is remembered most vividly. In the past, the Library of the University of Oxford has a copy folio Shakespeare, chained to a table where students could stand to read a book.

I loved this book!