Написать ответное письмо на АНГЛИЙСКОМ! сказав о этих 2 темах ОБЯЗАТЕЛЬНО 2 темы: 1)You do not find the idea of karate very attractive;2)Your grandmother is getting better;

" Dear Bob

I just got your letter. When are you coming back home? I hope that your grandmother is much is much better now and can do without your help. We are all missing you.
I am taking karate classes and enjoying them. When you come, you can do karate with me. We have a wonderful instructor!
Say hello to your grandmother,



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Dear Alice,

Thank you for your letter. Excuse for not writing so long, i was really busy at school. 

 I think that karate is not so good idea. and my grandmother wouldn't let me to take part in competitions. because it can be dangerous for me.

Now my grandmother feel like girl!) she was very glad to hear from you Hello!

Hope to hear from you soon.

best wishes,