Срочно! Помогите написать письмо.

You have received a letter from your English-speaking pen friend George who writes:

...the other day in the north of england they had one months rainfall in 2 hours and needless to say they had very bad flooding. The good news is i do not have to water the lawn or the garden plants. And what weather do you have now?

Write a letter to George.
-tell him about the weather and the climate in your place;
-ask 3 questions about his garden and plants.

Write 100-140 words
Remember the rules of letter writing.


Ответы и объяснения

Hi, George. Thanks for you latter. I want to tell you about weather in mi city. To begin with last month was winter and was snow and was cold. To the other land few days ago come spring. I was waiting spring all winter. I am happy. Our spring very nice, I tell you about it. Firstly, flowers bloom. Secondly, leaves appear on the trees. Whether is very nice in spring. Warming. I want to know about your garden, please tell me. And tell me about your plans. I am very interested))