conditional(1,2 type) complate the sentences 1. If you becomes Prime Minister,..... If he became Prime Minister,.... 2. If it rains tomorrow,.. If it rained tomorrow,... 3. If she learns to speak Spanish,... If she learnt to speak Spanish,... 4.If wars stop,...If wors stopped,... 5. If he succeeds in life,..If he succeeded in life,.. 6. If they support the child,..If they supported the child,... 7. If i buy a cottage in the wood,... If i bought a cottage in the wood,.... 8. If Annie married Stephen,.. 9. If Nicholas studies harder,.... If Nicholas studied harder,... 10/ If Simon goes to University,... If Simon went to University,....


Ответы и объяснения


1-If you become Prime Minister, I'll be happy. If he became Prime Minister, he'd increase taxation.

2-If it rains tomorrow, we will stay at home. If it rained tomorrow, the picnic would have to be put off.

3-If she learns to speak Spanish, I'll help her. If she learnt to speak Spanish, she'd get a good mark.

4-If wars stop, people will live in peace. If wars stopped, there would be less violent crime.

5-If he succeeds in life, he'll share with his success. If he succeeded in life, he'd help poor people.

6-If they support the child, he'll succeed in life. If they supported the child, he'd not get into trouble.

7-If I buy a cottage in the wood, I'll live there. If I bought a cottage in the wood, I'd spend summer holidays there.

8-If Annie married Stephen, Stephen would be the happiest man in the world. 


9-If Nicholas studies harder, he'll pass the exam. If Nicholas studied harder, he probably would've passed the exam.

10-If Simon goes to University, he'll study well. If Simon went to University, he would've received a good education.