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i want to tell you about my favourite date. it was much time ago but i remember that day accurately. i was 14 years old and mt boyfriend was 16. he had dark hair and brown eyes. he was very sweet. i was a little shy. we met at a birthday party of our common friend. he offered to walk ever and i agreed. we walked throught the park in the evening. it was summer and a pleasant breeze blew over us. there were many loving couples and we were one of them. suddenly we heard the music. he took my hand and danced with me. oh, it was unfogettable! after a wonderful dance he kissed me! it was unexpected but at the same time really great. here it is my first love!!!


incident of my life is that, it happened when I went to school and no one knew, but I knew that soon I will have a lot of friends. I was very happy, because after a few days I began to have some very good friends, they are in time for today's help me a lot, give advice, help besides school and in life. We go with them to the water park, to training, to walk.But my case was that when I had a few friends but when I came to learn that I have become great friends and a few of the best ones.