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People are always concerned about money and even to talk about it very emotional and biased. What topic is rarely in the world so much passion, how much money and their influence on our lives. Money fascinated people since ancient times. Magical property of money materialize passionate dreams and cherished desires encouraged people to compose stories about money. Well, as a miracle in the tales - the condition of the genre, the miraculous and instant enrichment was the favorite of their plot. But the details of the enrichment, again, under the terms of the genre, were absolutely not essential, therefore omitted.

Thirst rich quick move and world history, and the fate of its private members. That it makes people go to war, new lands, take their goods to distant lands and lead a successful trade, to leave the villages to the cities. What makes people spend abyss forces to conquer the capital? Of course, the desire for freedom and independence - because freedom of action in the world provide just the money. No wonder that their name is coined liberty.
On the other hand, people are often willing to part with a lot of money to suit his whims or ambitions. An elementary proof of this - Modern Auctions. At a London auction "Christie" was recently sold a small teddy bear, made in 1913, at a price of $ 40,000, and the $ 20 coin, known as the "double eagle", sold for 5,000 pounds.
Money is the power to awaken in people the whole range of emotions: they can turn into loyalty betrayal, love to hate, virtue into vice, and vice - a virtue. Man is such a way that his mind involuntarily calculates where more fun or less suffering, and makes in this direction. The only question in the subjective value system. Money in the wake of possible human feeling of pleasure - that's the whole of their strength, all their magnetic power over man. It was in money matters to the surface creep deepest and sometimes most attractive human qualities. The source of 99% of the conflict, from interpersonal to the international, are also money. 1 Peter called money "artery war," because at the heart of most wars is nothing but a desire to get rich. What is the magic of money, why even when they are many, they are still not enough? The ancients called this hidden force selfishness. There is a growing level of needs - grow and satisfactions of selfishness. Human ambitions did considerable evolution - from the desire to comply with the needs of thirst to conquer the nature, the world, and now the master for their needs Space. At the heart of it - the indomitable human need to receive and own.
In fact, the desire to have money everyone has. Money has an amazing power over people, one of their kind often enslaves silence - just to show the required amount, and the issue will be resolved. Animals, for example, offer money is useless - they are easier to "buy" for the food. But people tend to exaggerate the money, consider their standard of public recognition, and even a measure of "self". It is a false and dangerous program. Money has really valuable feature: they can guarantee you the ability to overcome life's challenges and freedom of action. And in this sense they are needed and simply necessary, and they should seek as a liberating force you. For freedom, devoid of tangible reinforcement frame narrows to cruel necessity. A financial trouble is almost always the cause of emotional discomfort. Take the example of Dostoevsky in his diary his wife said that the writer had dreamed as a great happiness, own little Mansion House, saying the money would bring him independence. Dostoevsky's life - is a furious struggle almost a piece of bread: even a new pair of shoes for children became a problem for him. There is no doubt that, bear writer needs him the sum he would be happier and calmer, and probably would have lived much longer.
Money can provide you not only external but also internal freedom - if you have them, you can choose the way of life that is close to you, to do the thing you love. It is often said that health can not be bought. In fact, a few years of life, if you are sick, but you have the money, you can still buy. Money alone can not change the world by yourself - but they provide opportunities for this. And how do you manage them, depends on your value system