Помогите написать про друзей, встретившихся через много лет. По картине во вложениях. Мне это надо на урок по английскому языку, но вы можете написать на русском языке. Как можно больше. Заранее спасибо!


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Friendship is very important part of life. But the best memories about it we got when we were young. Every day, running after shool, they went to the yard, they were happy... The played, laughed, told funny and interesting stories, played cards. It was the most wonderful time. Years by years. Now they are two adults, it's so sad to understand, that they could not meet so long time. Today, when they are together, their eyes are so kind... It's so simple and important to save friendship. Немного, но может быть пригодится) была очень рада помочь! Удачи)