Ответить на вопросы which pet is better:the budgie or the tortoise? which season is more beautiful : spring or autumn? which place is more interesting :the cinema or the theatre? which sport is more interesting:volleyball or football?


Ответы и объяснения



 1. the budgie - волнистый попугайчик 

2. spring - весеой

3. the cinema - в кино

4. football - футбол.

Какое  животное лучше: волнистый попугайчик или черепаха? какой сезон более красивым: весной или осенью? какое место более интересным: в кино или в театре? Какой вид спорта более интересно: волейбол или футбол?

















i think that budgle is better than tortoise, because with budgle you can play and can learn it how to speak. 

spring is more beautiful than autumn, because in spring you can enjoy the blossoming flowers and enjoy the sun.

i think that new generation of people like the cinema more than the theatre.

if you are the boy, your favorite sport should be football, but if you are the girl, it is volleyball.