Напишите пожалуйста рассказ о Волге или о любой реки на английском!!срочно!!пожалуйста


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Ancestors believed that every river has its own guardian spirit, and such a huge, mighty rivers like the Volga had several. If you believe the legends and stories of eyewitnesses, the keeper of the Upper Volga is the people in the form of a small, smiling girl. Her eyes are clear and wise as all the children who have not lost even a connection to eternity. Maybe that's why the Upper Volga so mysterious, ancient and at the same time very clear, so to speak, "a toy."
Museums on the River Volga, interesting, interactive, each with a "twist", tours both informative and entertaining, especially here feel children. Often small keeper Volga River asks travelers to play with her or buy for "coin" one of her unpretentious Toy cone with cap-leaf or clay ball. Kind and non-greedy people this subject is sure to bring good luck.
From a distance long flowing river Volga ... Itil, Idel, Atal and finally they called Ra-great Russian Volga for centuries people around the world.
Ra came from the "Geography" Pilin. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Slavs, who lived before our era, believed that the Volga - the embodiment of the Sun God, and where it takes place, is a sacred country Iriy welfare, or, more simply, Rye.
Idel and Yul called Mother River Tatars and Mari. Atal - Chuvashia. A Russian Volga, according to one version, comes from the Baltic Sea, "roll", which means "flowing stream, wetland." If you recall, originates from the main river in Russia, such a theory is justified. And it is understandable that at one and the same time in the upper reaches of the Volga was her name, and who lived downstream and did not know the source of the Volga Turks Itil ("Endless River, river of rivers").
At all times, the people of the Volga were legends about his nurse. Some said that it is possible to swim to the sun, others that it is the road to eternity, others feared her guardian, the mysterious inhabitants of the underwater caves of the Volga.
But in one beliefs of different nations are the same: the Volga-defender, Volga-patroness. The river, the color of its waters, our ancestors judged the past and the future. And the modern Volga is not just a huge shipping a "Blue Ribbon" is an inexhaustible source of knowledge, explicit and still hidden, this is a real historical "book", you just need to know how to read.
Volga is a living organism. And every day, every year, and every age, it is new. To understand its soul, so the soul of Russia itself, the name of which comes from the name of the river Pa-(country race), it is necessary to come to its upper reaches. The river will reveal its secret corners, shows ancient towns and ancient relics from Erie to the hidden garden underwater settlements and sacred sites. In the Upper towns opens the documentary chronicles the formation of the modern Volga. Not only the museum and archival exhibits, but the people themselves, and tell their stories, beliefs, legends and other folklore, the Volga will close. Volga is no longer just water, it becomes dear and understandable. Want to come back to the Volga, she wants to talk about ...