Choose the right tense form to make the sentences complete (past simple, past progressive or past perfect).
1. Andrew (ask) if John (see) any skyscrapers. 2. While the tailor (measure) him, Mr Brown (try) to be calm. 3. They (shoot) in the forest when John (arrive). 4. We (be) sure they (finish) their work by ten. 5. She (work) as a nurse in 1998. 6. Who (watch) television when Dad (come) in? 7. What (happen) next? 8. Nobody (know) what (happen). 9. I (not, know) when Mrs Padley (be) born. 10. When Nick and I (meet), he (write) a very interesting project.


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1. Andrew asked  if John had ever seen any skyscrapers. - Андрей спросил,  видел kb Джон когда-нибудь небоскребы.

2. While the tailor was measuring him, Mr Brown was trying to be calm. - В то время как портной обмерял его, г-н Браун пытался быть спокойным.

3. They were shooting in the forest when John arrived. - Они стреляли в лесу, когда Джон приехал. (охотились)

4. We were sure they would have finished their work by ten. - Мы были уверены, что они закончат свою работу к десяти.

5. She worked as a nurse in 1998. - Она работала медсестрой в 1998 году.

6. Who was watching television when Dad came in? - Кто смотрел телевизор, когда папа пришел?

7. What will happen next? - Что будет дальше?

8. Nobody knew what had happened. - Никто не знал, что произошло.

9. I didn't know when Mrs Padley was born. - Я не знаю, когда г-жа Пэдли родилась.

10. When Nick and I met, he was writing a very interesting project. -  Когда Ник и я встретились, он писал очень интересный проект.