составить предложения с предлогами: at(5 предложений) in(5 предложений) on(5 предложений) с предлогом last и next(по 1 предложению) during(по 1 предложению) while(по 1 предложению) until(по 1 предложению) помогите пожалуйста!


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at(5 предложений)

1 I get up at one o'clock.

2 He came home late at night.

3 They returned home at sunset.

4 Where is your father?-He is at work.

5 He is sitting at the table and writing an exercise.

in(5 предложений)

1 There is nobody in the room.

2 The tea is in the cup.

3 There is some milk in the bottle.

4 In summer the weather is usually warm and sunny.

5 What do you do in the evening?

on(5 предложений)

1 My book is on the table.

2 On Sunday I usually get up at 11 o'clock.

3 He is sleeping on the sofa.

4 Hang the picture on the wall, please.

5 I can't see what is written on the blackboard.

last и next(по 1 предложению)

1 Last summer we went abroad.

1 Next summer we are going to spend in the country.

during(по 1предложению)

During my summer holidays I swam a lot.

while(по 1 предложению)

While mother was cooking dinner I was washing up.

until(по 1 предложению) 

You can't go for a walk until you finish your task.

We played chess until midnight.