срочно нужно!!!!сочинение на тему "Мое первое свидание" или "Мое лучшее свидание".Помогите пожалуйста!!


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It was a beautiful summer day, all pupils of our school were going to  camp. 

We waited for the bus that was going to camp. 

Then we climbed on our seats.

I lost in thought, I did not even notice that we stayed. 

We were brought to the camp where was so beautiful and there was a large soccer field.

Girls were settled on the one side and boys on another.

Next morning I got up early and went out. 

There were some boys playing football on the field.

I went to them to watch the game.

And somebody called my name.

I turned around and saw an unknown handsome boy.

He was tall, dark and handsome. 

We began talk until the small hours.

He sounded intelligent, easy going, easy to talk to, I felt like I’d known him for years.

We arranged to meet the following Friday night at a disco club.

So that was my first meeting, I was so excited and happy.

We stayed at the club all afternoon. 

 He said I had now met my future husband, that I would be loved and adored, all the things a girl likes to hear I guess.

During the following week he came to visit me 4 times, eventually saying that he’d fallen in love with me and he even asked me to marry him!

I said no, that it was too soon and that he’d have to ask me again.

I was so happy with him but now we are just friends.