How i learned(part 2)

Every morning at nine George greeted me wirh a smile,"Good morning"

He arranged the books on the table."Let me see,let me see,"George said,and looked at the time-table we had carefully prepared;"yes,yes,mathematics.If i remember rightly,last time we tried to discover how long it would take six men to build a wall if three of them took a week.I seem to rememmber that we have spent almost as much time on this problem as the men spent on the wall.Let us see if we can make the problem more exciting."And he explained the problem in a fresh way.

"If it takes two caterpillars a week to eat eight leaves,how long would four caterpillars take to eat the same number?Now try to think about that."

And i began to struggle with the problem of the caterpillars` appetites.

Mathematics was not one of our more successful subjects.

In geography we made better progress,for George was able to make our lessons more zoological.We drew great maps with mountains and rivers.Our maps were works of art.We drew oceans that were full of life whales,akbatross,sharks,polar bears and penguins.There were volcanoes and fire came out of them;the mountains of the world were so blue and white with ice and snow that it made one icy-cold to look at them.There were a lot of camel humps and pyramids in our brown deserts and a lot of jaguars,snakes and gorillas in our tropical forests.Our rivers were wide,and blue as forget-me-nots with crocodiles in them.They were maps that lived,maps that one could study,maps that really meant something.Our lessons in history were not,at first,successful,until George discovered that when he added some facts from zoology or some unimportant detail,that was interesting to me.George`s story about Hannibal and his expedition over the Alps was full of details that did not worry me.No,my interest in the expedition lay in the fact that I knew that Hannibal had a special man not only to feed and look after the elephants,but to give them hot-water bottles when the weather got cold.It was strange that the most serious historians had never written about this interesting fact.

Another fact that no one can ever find in most history books was that Columbus`s first words when he landed the new continent were,"Look...a jaguar!"With such facts and details how could one not be interested in the continent`s history?

So George,without special textbooks and with a pupil who had only one interest,an interest in animals life,did his best to make his teaching interesting.

George wisely tried to use a system of outdoor lessons.Some mornings he arrived with a towel over his arm,and together we went down along the road to the sea.

Through clear water you could see rocks homes on their backs.

We hunted for new shells for my collection,and discussed the other things we had found;then George suddenly thought that though I enjoyed the outdoor lessons greatly, one could not describe them as education.So we had to go back and the lessons cintinued at the villa.



Answer the questions.

1)How did George try to help the boys solve problems in maths?

2)What kind of maps did George and Gerry make?

3)What did George do to make Gerry feel interested in history?

4)Why did George use a system of outdoor lessons?

5)In what different ways did George do his best tp get his pupil interested in geography and history?

6)What did he do to help him understand maths problems?

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1. Ceorge tried to make  the problems more exciting and more interesting.

2. They drew maps which were full of life. They were maps that lived,maps that one could study,maps that really meant something

3. George told history with some unimportant details or  interesting facts that the most serious historians had never written.

4. Because it was interesting lesson not at school but outdoor.

5.Without special textbooks and with a pupil who had only one interest,an interest in animals life,did his best to make his teaching interesting

6.  he explained the problem in a fresh way.