пожалуйста помогите по английскому очень срочно нужно, мне нужно 10-12 предложений на тему: почему подростки становятся заложниками азартных игр)


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nowadays the youth has a lot of temptations. the world around us gives many oportunities to experience everything we want. being 16-19 years old, boys and girls want to show that they are good at everything and very often they try things they do not have to. they begin to play in internet games- at the beginning for free, but then they become more and more involved in these games and start to play loosing a lot of money. they think they can win, just they have to practice a little, that is why they become dependent of these games and can't stop playing. games of chance are a way to show that they are very lucky and that they can become the kings of this world and can rule. the time passes and some of them want to leave this world of gambling, but it becomes very difficult for them to do, because these games are like a drug and it is very difficult to get rid of it.