Срочно текст на английском про поход например или поездку в другую страну в прошедшом времени!!!Плизз


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On a Sunny may day we with the class went on a field trip. Our way lay in the very heart of Russia, near Moscow, where on a high Bank of the Oka river wild was situated ancient village of Konstantinovo is the Motherland With. A. Esenin. We got acquainted with the exposition devoted to life and creativity of the poet, visited his parents' house and manor of the landowner Kashina, look stretches of the river flood plains. Heart skip a beat with awe, because here was born and lived Yesenin, he went on rural paths, breathing the air. All around as if casually. What a mighty talent must be endowed with the artist, to see and feel the ineffable charm in the usual, become familiar, open the beauty of mother nature, to bring it into great poems.