I'd like a real one. I like a real pets because you must look after them or they my die. you can't just pressa button and get another one. in my opinionreal pets give real love virtual pets can't give сделайте плиз срочно что то на подобии этого типа по чему я хочу иметь реальное животное я в 6 классе не берите плиз навороченных слов зарание спасибо


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Have you ever thought about what our smallest friends - dogs, cats, hamsters - can also get sick and need help? In fact, the little kitten who can only meow, can not say and show exactly where it hurts. A large dog, a handsome and incomparable guard, can also become ill. Who will come to their aid, who will give the necessary medicine or a shot? This case is a veterinarian. I love animals, I love to watch when they are funny, full of strength and energy. That's why I decided that I wanted a pet.