эссе на тему "богатство не проносит счастья"

должно состоять из 4 абзацев, в первом абзаце должна быть проблема данной тему, во втором +, в третьем -, в четвертом заключение..заранее спасибо большое


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 think it all depends on the needs and the attitude to it(I mean material wealth). If You their wealth earned by honest labor and spend money for the good cause, if the course does not stinted. You really can live for your pleasure, not to be afraid of in the end of the month, that You do not have enough money... Actually do that, "heart's desire, but do not forget that if You do not buy a 10-th machine, and give the money suppose to прокормление children of Africa it will bring You pleasure, and happiness, and уважаниенет, not in this happiness. Each seeks to wealth, but finding it, it loses its meaning