Помогите , напишите лёгкий рассказ, для 5 класса!!! ( На английском) Расскажите о жизни мамы звезды Например: On Munday she does not sleep in her son s office. She sleelps at home


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In my family there is a wonderful person - this is my mom!
She helps me in everything: in the study, to my problems, and in difficulties.
It rejoices my victories!
My mother's name is Marina. She is very kind, cheerful.
My mom I owe everything in my life. In all the world there is nothing любимей and more expensive than my mother.
My mother always understand me. She is my best friend. She communicates with me on equal terms, as if I was already an adult. With my mother I can walk, talk, ask her about something, with my mother to read, to paint. The mother can entrust all their secrets. We have no secrets from each other.