Сделайте диалог. И напишите возможные вопросы в нем) You’ve come to a language school. You would like to take an English course. Your parents can pay ₤30 per week. You have time to study on weekdays in the afternoon. Before making a decision ask the course administrator about

- the timetable and the starting day

- the price

- the entrance exam (if you have to take it or not)

You begin the conversation. The teacher will play the part of the course administrator. Remember to:

- be active and polite

- ask the questions and find out all the information you need

- decide on the course you will take


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- Hi

- Goodafternoon.

- I'd like to get more information about the courses you have. Is it possible to study only weekends?

- Yes, we have two language courses on weekends: A Busness English course, a Spoken English Couse

- I'm interested in a Spoken one. How much is it?

- It costs ₤26 per week.

- Very well. What time does it start?

- From 11 am till 2 pm. The course starts next week.

- Who is the teacher.

- The teacher is a professor of the English language, Mr Brown. He comes from America. He's been teaching for more than 30 yeras already.

- Do I need any entrance exam?

- Not at all.

- Ok. Thanks for the information.

- You are welkome.