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I*m thirteen. I was born in Moscow. I*m the only child in the family. My mother is a manager. My father is a administrator. All of us like doing sports. We enjoy skiing and skating in winter and riding bicycle in summer. We always like going to the country where we have a comfortable and warm house. I do well at school. My best subjects are math and History. I don*t like Music and geography. My best friend is a (сам напишешь). We are classmates and we are of the same age. I*d like to describe hшы appearance. he has short but slim figure, pretty face, short blond hair and bright eyes. he always looks neat and tidy.
    если слишком короткое сочинение напиши например: какой у тебя любимый спорт, программа, короче что нибудь придумаешь