Помогите написать рассказ на английском про своё лубимое место в квартире. 7-10 предложений.


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I love my flat. When i come from the school, i go to my room. I can watch tv, play game and serf the net there. There are many books in my room. There is a bed near the door. There are table and chair next to the bed. There are a lot of beautiful paintings on the wall. I love my room, because i can do what i want here.

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My favorite place in the flat is my room.

I can be alone there.

I like to sit there listening to music or reading a book.

There is a big window.

It is very light. 

There is a sofa, a desk, a computer, a music centre, posters.

I can move furniture as I like.

My room is very cosy.

I like it.