Выберите из скобок нужную форму глагола. 1.I love rocknroll.I(like/have liked) it all my life.2.The Stones concer(has been/was)excellent.3.I(have bougt/bought) all their records after the concert.4.How long(have you known/do you known)Peter?5.I (known/have known)him since we were at scool together.6.When(did you get/have you got)married to him?7.We(have been/are)together for over ten years,and we(have got/got)married eight wears ago.


Ответы и объяснения

1. have liked
2. was
3. bought
4. have you known
5. have known
6. did you get
7. have been; got

1.  I love rocknroll. I like it all my life.

2.  The Stones concert was excellent.

3.  I  bougt all their records after the concert.

4.  How long do you know Peter?

5.  I  have known him since we were at scool together.

6.  When did you get  married to him?

7.  We  are together for over ten years, and we got married eight years ago.