вставить в пропуски либо whose, либо who, либо where, либо which
ТЕКСТ: There are paintings(1)___you can look at again and again and there are painters(2)___ work remains popular year after year. Picasso is one of those painters. In fact, five of the top ten most expensive paintings(3)___have been sold at auction were by Picasso. He is one of the most famous artists of the twentieth century,the artist. (4)___ everyone remembers for Guernica. Born iin Spain, Picasso moved to France in 1904. Paris was the city(5)___he lived and established an important group of artists. In 1907 he painted Les Demoiselles dAvignon,the painting(6)___many experts say is the first Cubist work of art. He is also the sculptor(7)___first used ordinary materials.Head of a bull the sculpture(8)___uses parts of a bicycle is a famous example.


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