Сочинение на английском! Помогите! Тема: Мой любимый музыкальный исполнитель.

Написать почему именно эта музыка нравится, факты об исполнителе, какие песни нравятся больше всего, о чём поёт исполнитель.


Ответы и объяснения

My favorite singer is Averil Lavgine. Because I like her style. She is a singer, a guitarist , an actress and model. She was born in Ontario, Canada in the 27th if September 1984.
When she was 16 years old, she
Moved to manhattan and began work on her debut album. Her first single " complicated". Have a number one album in the u.k. And she supported the wildly popular disc ( which eventually gained eight Grammy nomination) with a tour of Europe , Asia , North America and Australia. My favorite song of Avril is " girlfriend" because it lift my mood even I haven't it at all