Поставьте глаголы в скобках в правельном времени:

The young Princess got home in no time.She (1.tell) her father what (2.happen) in the forest.She also (3.add) that the Chest (4.ask) her (5.bring) a knife with her (6.make) a hole in the side of the Chest.Tne Rrincess (7.not,want) (8.go) to the forest but she (9.give) her word and (10.understand) she (11.have to) (12.keep) her promise.The old King (13.decide) (14.make) his daughter (15.stay) at home.Twice he (16.send) some other girls to the forest.They (17.can,not) (18.make) holes though they (19.work) hard all night.In the morning the Chest (20.ask) them what they usually (21.do) early in the morning.Their answers (22.show) that they (23.be) never in the palace.The girls (24.send) home and the Princess (25.start) for the forest.When she (26.reach) the Chest,she (27.begin) working with her knife.After she (28.work) for two hours she (29.make) a little hole,she (30.look) inside and (31.see) a young Prince,whose hair (32.shine) like gold ahd who nicely (33/dress).


Ответы и объяснения


1. told 2. happened 3. added 4. asked 5. to bring 6. to 7. did'nt want 8. go 9. gave 10. understood 11. had to 12. keep 13. decided 14. to make 15. to stay 16. sent 17. could'nt 18. make 19. worked 20. asked 21. did 22. showed 23. have never been 24. sent 25. started 26. reached 27. began 28. worked 29. made 30. looked 31. saw 33. shined 34. dressed