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1. By the end of the year she had learned to cook.
2. I had finished the project by the beginning of that week. 
3. Fortunately the rain had stopped before we left the house.
4. We carefully studied the information you had sent.

5. He had never been kind to me until that day.
6. Only when I came to work I understood that I had forgotten to feed the cat.
7. When the guests had gone, I began to wash the dishes.
8. I hadn’t driven a hundred metres from the airport when I heard a terrible sound of explosion. 
9. I found out the truth before I had been among the family for two weeks.

10. After the boss had left, the employees began to talk. 


When we arrived we realized that the manager hadreservsd the wrong room fo us

Когда мы приеали,то обнаружили, что менаджер забронировал не ту комнату для нас.

Was ann at work when you arrived?No, she had gone.

Анна была на работе когда ты приехал.Нет она уже ушла.

When i left my friends house i realised that i had forgotten the keys.

Когда я вышел из дома моих друзей, то обнаружил что забыл ключи.

We had bought the goods by that time.

К тому времени мы купили все товары.

That factory had prodused all goods acooding to its yerly plan by the 5th of december.

К 5-ому декабря фабрика произвела все товары согласно годовому плану.

We hadnt reached the airport when it began to snow.

Не успели мы добраться до аэропорта. как пошел снег.

That was the best time  i had ever had here.

Это было лучшее время что я провел здесь

it was the third serios mistake you had made here.

Это была 3 серьозная ошибка, которую мы совершили здесь.

We had expected that more people attended the fair.

Мы ждали, что на ярмарке будет больше людей

We had hardly arrived  at the hotel ,when is started rain.

Как только мы прибежали в отель, начясля дождь.

Возможно есть ошибки))