надо раскрыть скобки)очень нужно!

1. why he(to smoke) now? he never (to smoke) before

2.I (ti visit) this country many times since that time

3.where ( to be) ypur husband? - he (to be) in the kitchen. he (to come) home yen minutes ago and he( to have) dinner now

4. as soon as she ( to come) home, she (to understand) that her children( to sleep)


Ответы и объяснения


1. Why he is smoking now? He have never smoken before.

2. I have visited this country many times since that time.

3. Where is your husband? He is in the kitchen. He've come home ten minutes ago and he's having dinner now.

4. As soon as she comes home, she'll understand that her children are sleeping.


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