найдите мне пожалуйста кратенькую информацию об олимпийских играх в москве (1980 г). желательно на английском. заранее спасибо!


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Olimpiysky games of 1980 (the official name — Olympic Games Games XXII) took place Summers in Moscow, the capital of the USSR, from July 19 to August 3, 1980. It were the Olympic Games first in the history on territories of Eastern Europe, and also the first Games which have been carried out in the socialist country.

The part of the competitions Olympic Games-1980 was carried out in other cities of the Soviet Union, namely: sailing regattas started in Tallinn; preliminary games and quarterfinals of football tournament took place in Kiev, Leningrad and Minsk; bullet firing competitions took place on "Dynamo" shooting range in Mytischi situated near Moscow.

Games are known that more than 50 countries boycotted the Olympic Games in connection with input in 1979 of the Soviet armies to Afghanistan [3][4][5]. Some athletes from the countries boycotting Games, nevertheless arrived to Moscow and acted under the Olympic flag [6]. This boycott became one of the main reasons for reciprocal boycott by the Soviet Union and a number of his allies on the following summer Olympic Games in Los Angeles in 1984