Прошу мне помочь дорогие друзья т.к очень много задали пожалуйста составте диалог на англ.яз на тему посещение аттракционов


Ответы и объяснения




-what are you doing now?


-good. let's go to a theme park!

-oh no, i have been here several times. it is boring.

-there are some new  park amusements.

-all  park amusements are the same it is nothing interesting.

-my sister was there. she said  these new park amusements were cool. 

-sorry. I don't want to go! i have no money.

-money is not a problem. I will pay for you. oh may be you are afraid!

-am I afraid? nonsense! I will be ready in 10 minutes.

-ok. I will be waiting for you.

-see you later

-see you later


- Hello


- How do you spent your hollidays?

- It was wonderful! On Saturday we went to an amusement park, spent most of the day there.

- Where did you go?

- Almost everywhere. Roller coaster, room laughing, I even went to the shooting range.

- Сool! What do you liked the most?

- I think the room of the fear I liked more than others. I was not afraid, more fun. I am happy and would go there again.

- I catch your idea, anything else?

- Yes, roller coaster.Staying there makes a huge adrenaline and drive. Unfortunately, in the end, I felt sick and more, I will not go there.

- It's a pity. But what did'nt like the most?

- I did'nt like two of the attraction. Ferris wheel and the room laughing.

- Why?

- Of course, the look of the city's big wheel is a miracle, but we are up and down so slowly that I was bored and not interested.

And in the room laughing I just do not be surprised or amused.

- I see your view, may be the next holliday we spend together?

- Yes! And we can go to the cinema.